Our Capabilites and Equipment

CO2 Metal Cutting Laser Machine
Cuts up to 3/8" CRS
Stainless Steel

Electric Press Brake

Programmable - so your parts
are always the same
90 Bends or Radius Bends


Pre-Treatment Cleaning Tanks
We thoroughly clean all metal before coating

Powder Coating Booth

10' x 14' Oven

Metal Design:  We have been building metal cabinets, control panels, boxes, custom signs for many years and have a lot of experience in metal design and fabrication.

Powder Coating:  We are working with Cardinal Powders and Prismatic Powders.  We now have access to 1,000's of colors with a smooth finish to a texture.  Matt finish or Gloss.

Come in and check out all your color options.

Our choice in Powders: